This Australian Redback Spider Devoured A Venomous Snake

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Every person knows that Australia seems to be filled with some of the most dangerous beings that ever walked on the face of the Earth. A nature lover who was taking some pictures in an Australian winery became an unwilling witness to a gruesome spectacle – a heated battle between a lethal Australian redback spider and a venous eastern brown snake, one of the most venomous creatures known to man.

The person was able to shoot some impressive images which surprised the fight between the two creatures, and he decided to post them on a well-known Australian photography group. Three of the photos show to focus on the redback spider, with the arachnid showing an impressive skill level since it was able to hit and trap the snake within its web.

The Australian Redback Spider Devoured The Snake

The spider was able to pull the upper body of the snake from the ground and keep it suspended with the help of a thick web thread. After the snake was no longer able to move the spider won the battle by biting the reptile, injecting a lethal dose of venom which killed it after a few minutes passed.

The eastern brown snake is quite dangerous with its venom being ranked as the second most toxic land snake in the world. They are usually encountered in populated areas, and they can be often found close to farms where mice are also present. The show may have been quite violent, but it’s something which happens quite often when predators are involved on both sides. The snake and the spider are opportunistic hunters, and they will often attack when they are confident that the prey can be defeated.

Australian redback spiders prefer to consume insects and small lizards, but their lethal venom allows them to tackle bigger prey. The venom contains alpha-latrotoxin, a high-power neurotoxin which is found in the spiders which are a part of the widow genus, cataloged by scientist as Latrodectus.

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