An Asteroid Will Impact The Earth In The Future, A Scientist Warns

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Today, a giant asteroid will fly past the Earth. While this space rock won’t expose us to any danger, another asteroid will impact the Earth in the future. That will inevitably happen, thinks John Zarnecki, the director of the International Space Science Institute in Switzerland.

Over the years, a series of theories stated that an asteroid would impact the Earth. Since an unfortunate event like this would, most likely, cause mass destruction, people started to worry every time they heard this news.

On the other hand, brilliant NASA scientists always ensured the population that they are keeping their eyes on the outer space. If a celestial item would ever threaten our planet, researchers would do their best to keep it away.

However, some things cannot be prevented, no matter how hard we would try. Even if asteroids are placed in our solar system and they tend to orbit the sun, their course is unpredictable, and a collision would play an essential role in shaping a planet.

The latest theory states that the asteroid threat is real and humanity should keep their eyes wide open

According to scientists, an asteroid’s most significant impact over the Earth happened 65 million years ago, and it led to the extinction of dinosaurs. But wait! The shocking news comes now!

John Zarnecki, the director of the International Space Science Institute, declared for BBC Radio 4 that the Earth is definitely in danger of being hit by an asteroid in the future. The researcher can’t predict the collision’s exact time, but he is confident that the impact will be as devastating as the previous similar event.

Zarnecki is making this statement because he wants to join forces with other scientists and analyze different possibilities of protecting our planet. He said that they could start by looking carefully at the items from the solar system, including the Moon.

An American geophysicist, Jay Melosh, claims that he might have discovered some solutions for saving the world. One of his solutions is to change the asteroid’s velocity by one centimeter/second. Another way to eliminate the threat would be by focusing some light on the rock until it is vaporized.

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