Donald Trump Cuts the Budget for Science, and NASA Is The Most Affected

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On the 11th of March, Donald Trump released its plans for the budget proposal for 2020. We’ve written to tell you what he has in mind when it comes to the National Science Foundation and NASA. We have to admit that Trump’s decisions might impair the future of some of NASA’s programmes.

The budget for the National Science Foundation is around $7.1 billion, which is with 12% below than the current one. However, Trump does not have any plans on how to distribute the money within the NSF. They don’t have any further details.

The proposed budget for NASA is of $21 billion, which is 2% below the current level. They are focusing on sending astronauts to the Moon. Trump wants to save $10.7 billion and use them for different programmes, in order to advance the robotic exploration of the Moon. They want to send humans to the Moon again, by 2028.

Donald Trump dramatically cuts the budgets for NASA’s Astrophysics programmes

The White House wants to cut NASA science to $6.3 billion. The planetary science would get most of the money. Trump also plans to fund missions to retrieve rock samples from Mars by 2026. Also, a mission that’s set to launch in 2023, to go by Jupiter’s icy moon, called Europa.

However, those who will suffer the most will be Astrophysics. Their budget will be $353 million and would fund the next in line, after the Hubble Space Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope. It’s also the second year in a row when they want to cancel the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope project that has its focus on a telescope that could look for exoplanets and dark matter. However, Congress gave them their money, even after Trump requested to cut their budget.

For heliophysics, they would give $704.5 million. Trump’s plan will continue to fund missions like the Parker Solar Probe, which is revolving around the Sun.

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