Arctic Temperature Is Rising, And There’s Nothing We Can Do To Stop That

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Compared to what we know about the Arctic as today, it will be poles apart in the future no matter our efforts. According to a new paper from the UN, even if tomorrow all the carbon emission were to stop, we can’t do anything to halt Arctic temperatures from rising. By the end of the century, the Arctic region could be by 5 degrees Celcius warmer than it is today.

These are the consequences of all the many greenhouses gas emissions the humanity pumped into the Earth’s atmosphere, and which led to global warming. As the research shows, even under the terms of the Paris Agreement, by 2050, winter temperatures in the Arctic region are set to rise by at least 3 degrees Celsius, while by 2080 a surge between 5 to 9 degrees Celsius in the Arctic temperature might be recorded.

Global Warming is “targeting” the Arctic region, but the rest of the world still does not gets off scot-free. You can think about the situation as the top of our planet was a dripping ice-cream cone.

As the Arctic temperature is rising, the sea level will also rise

The level of the seas around the world will increase because they will be unleashed by the Arctic region, according to plenty of research that suggests that. As a result, erosion, coastal flooding, and damage to infrastructure and buildings will be registered. The ecosystems will also be flipped on their head, the humans will be driven to mass migrate, and the drinking water would be contaminated.

“What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic?” asked Joyce Msuya, the acting executive director at UN Environment. “We have the science; now more urgent climate action is needed to steer away from tipping points that could be even worse for our planet than we first thought,” the researcher added.

This situation is not easy to handle as 40 percent of the sea ice of the Arctic has been melting since 1979 and it does not stop.

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