Aliens Are Shooting Lasers At Black Holes To Travel To Other Galaxies

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A new incredibly theory comes to explain why aliens haven’t been discovered yet. According to a Columbia University astronomer, it is possible that aliens could travel invisibly by firing lasers at black holes that orbit each other, also known as binary black holes.

The theory was presented by David Kipping, an astronomer at Columbia University. The new method has been named The Halo Drive method.

“The search for intelligence amongst the cosmos is often guided by considering the possible activities of hypothetical advanced civilizations and the associated technosignatures that would result. Along these lines, this work has considered how an advanced civilization might utilize the light sailing concept to conduct relativistic and extremely efficient propulsion,” explained Kipping.

Aliens Are Shooting Lasers At Black Holes To Travel To Other Galaxies

Basically, black holes would become sources of energy. Researchers noticed that when photons enter a gravitational mirror and are shot back out, they also gain some type of kinetic energy. They are called “boomerang photons,” and Kipping believes that Intelligent alien races could harvest energy to travel at a velocity that is 133 % greater than the black hole.

This method would prove to be efficient from multiple points of view. First of all, aliens would manage to stay away from the dangerous gravitational void. More than that, it would make them almost impossible to detect.

“A civilization could exploit black holes as galactic waypoints but would be difficult to detect remotely, except for an elevated binary merger rate and excess binary eccentricity,” said Kipping. More than that, the Halo Drive method would be particularly efficient because it would remove the need for a fuel source. In fact, no energy would be needed other the one harvested from the black holes.

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