Space Exploration Should Remain Focused On Improving Quality of Life on Earth

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The goal of space exploration has always been to enhance the quality of life on Earth and to facilitate human development in any way. If you take a look at a few articles on the topic of space exploration, you will see that international partnerships are being formed because it is hard to achieve an ambitious goal regarding that without technological and financial support.

Space exploration should remain at improving quality of life on Earth

The pioneers of cosmonautics were able to achieve extremely ambitious goals so, now with the technology developing day by day, what could stop us?

Glavkosmos has one primary task, and that is to get the Russian space industry’s achievements promoted in the world market. They are looking forward to expanding the collaboration with many other countries from regions such as Africa, South-East Asia, and Latin America.

In addition to that, they have also begun cooperating with the Emirates that will work side by side with the Russian space companies to facilitate the implementation of a program that trains and selects the next astronauts from UAE that will fly to the International Space Station (ISS).

A new space race is shaping up

The most important part of the Russian Space Program is the human spaceflights, and since 2011 when the Space Shuttle Program of the US closed, it has become even more critical. At the moment, the Russian Soyuz space vehicles exclusively support human flights to the ISS.

Besides the next missions that NASA is working on, Boeing and SpaceX are making their own progress in the development of human-crewed space vehicles.

In addition to that, the human spaceflight program has also drawn the attention of China which has experience in operating its own orbital station. There are other countries which are planning their own missions, everything happening for the development of quality of life on Earth.

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