Quantum Physics Study Revealed That Two Realities Are Existing At The Same Time

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A new quantum physics study published online on arXiv showed that, at a quantum level, two realities are existing. That would mean that two persons, each from its own quantum reality, can reach different conclusions and both be right, eventually. While it might be confusing at first glance, remember that quantum mechanics is based on the concept that two particles can be both existent and non-existent at the same time.

In this regard, the most famous example is known as “The Schrodinger’s Cat.” In his hypothesis, Schrodinger postulated that a cat trapped in a box could be both alive and dead at the same time in a quantum universe. In the same lines with the Schrodinger paradox, the new quantum physics study considered that multiple realities are existing at the same time.

“In quantum mechanics, the objectivity of observations is not so clear, most dramatically exposed in Eugene Wigner’s eponymous thought experiment where two observers can experience fundamentally different realities,” the team wrote in the study.

Two realities are existing at the same time at a quantum level, a new quantum physics study revealed

“While observer-independence has long remained inaccessible to empirical investigation, recent no-go-theorems construct an extended Wigner’s friend scenario with four entangled observers that allow us to put it to the test,” the researchers added in the report of their quantum physics study which is the first in history to reproduce the conditions postulated in Wigner’s thought experiment.

The study confirmed the hypothesis that multiple realities could co-exist. The scientists used two laboratories for their experiment, each lab with one experimenter and one person, as an observer. The researchers introduced two pairs of entangled photons, meaning that one of them tells the observer the state of the other. The observers estimated and recorded one of the photons in the entangled pair using quantum memory. Then, the experimenters had to choose between measuring the recording stored in quantum memory or analyze the results of their own experiments by studying the photons’ light patterns.

As a result, this quantum physics study concluded that experimenters who chose to carry on their own experiments and measure photons state by examining their light patterns reached to the different conclusion than those who decided to measure the photons by analyzing the recording stored in the quantum memory or in comparison with the observers. However, both findings were correct, meaning that two realities are existing at the same time at a quantum level.

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