UFO Community Versus Science – When Science Meets Faith In The UFO

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The Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects Network is a nationwide organization, founded 50 years ago, and has thousands of cases reported about UFO.

In the entire United States, MUFON groups are gathering every month to discuss cases from everywhere around the States. The Space Coast group consist of former NASA employees and engineers. It has 118 members and 3.500 members around the U.S.

Gone are the days when the believers of the UFO theories were alone. Now, scientists, politicians, and professionals are touching the taboo subject and give them some credence.

New York Times published in 2017 a news that U.S is funding a secret $22 million project for the study of the UFO. After this news, researchers from the chairman of Harvard University, and NASA scientist have come with theories about the study of the phenomena of extraterrestrials.

But the problem with the UFO and aliens is the lack of evidence. On the other hand, a psychologist is explaining the fact that a lot of persons are projecting an unconscious desire onto something. From there comes the need of believing and seeking a reaffirmation of that belief.

In 2007 from a request by the Senate majority leader Harry Reid, a military intelligence program was run by Luis Elizondo in partnership with the businessman Robert Bigelow. The program ran from 2007 to 2012 and studied, observed unknown objects through American military personnel.

In 2004, a case was declassified when a video showing a craft with no propulsion was moving very fast in the sky. The video was filmed by two Navy F/A – 18 F fighters on the coast of San Diego.

After this episode, Avi Leob from Harvard, alongside with Shmuel Bialy, wrote in Astrophysical Journal, that an interstellar object had been seen passing through our solar system. They called it Oumuamua, and that it can be a fully operational lead sent to Earth by an alien civilization.

Scientist Silvano Colombano, is affirming that the space agency had looked for all the explanations. But indeed, NASA did not pay much attention and after that opened a Center of Life Detection Science for finding biosignatures.

In 2018, Colombano argued with the scientific community about the UFO phenomenon and its worth for study. Also, he suggests that it is time that NASA should be more open-minded.

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