Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, The Iconic Massive Storm Of The Gas Giant, Is Shrinking

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A massive storm, the Great Red Spot, more significant than the Earth and capable of tearing apart smaller tempests that get drawn into it because of its power, is one of the most iconic features of Jupiter and the entire Solar System.

The wind inside the Great Red Spot boasts speeds as high as 300 miles (500 kilometers) per hour while the storm moves counterclockwise and is an anticyclone. It has been deemed as a prominent feature since 1830, but it has been a source of scientific study and great fascination for an extended period, even since the 1660s.

We still do not know too much information about the Great Red Spot, some essential details being part of this category such as where does it striking red color come from and how the phenomenon formed. The reason why the persistence of this storm is more prominent than other storms’ is still unknown.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot massive storm is shrinking

However, is position in latitude is considered by astronomers that are connected to the prominent cloud bands in the atmosphere of Jupiter as it is observed consistently to be 22 degrees south of the equator of Jupiter. Massive storms are more likely to be a subject of interest for planetary astronomers who study the atmospheres of comets.

But it does not mean that they do not want to know more about the features that can be seen in the other bodies’ atmosphere in the solar system, Jupiter is included. Their understanding of how atmospheres of all kinds from and work depends on when they study them.

The Great Red Spot, however, has a very long life compared to the standards Jupiter has. The understanding of the researchers regarding this event is quite foggy as well, so this subject does not have a conclusion yet which means that astronomers will need to study it even more. According to some new observations, Jupiter’s iconic massive storm is now shrinking. But, it would maybe take several centuries until the Great Red Spot vanishes.

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