’70s Alien Theory Resurfaces: We Might Be Their Captives In A “Galactic Zoo”

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Have you been wondering why we haven’t met aliens just yet? Well, the answer may be brought by a theory detailed by Times of India.

“Maybe on the grounds that we’re as of now accidental occupants in a purported galactic zoo,” they begin a recent article.

The Zoo theory 

This seems to have been one of the situations that a convention of global analysis has investigated on March 18 at a gathering which included the charitable organization Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence(METI).

The event took place at the City of Science and Industry exhibition hall in Paris united around 60 researchers who “look into the likelihood of correspondence with speculative smart extraterrestrials,” according to the same online publication.

Experts have addressed “The Great Silence” – the reasons for which we are not contacted by aliens, and they have investigated the possibility known as the Zoo Speculation.

The Zoo Speculation has its roots in the ’70s

This has been first proposed back in the ’70s, and it states that Earth is a planet that’s now under perception by “galactic zookeepers” who are disguising themselves, says Forbes.

“When we endeavor to all the more likely comprehend the universe, the topic of whether we are separated from everyone else is unavoidable,” participant Florence Raulin-Cerceau, a partner teacher at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, told Paris-Match.

One thing that has been addressed during the meeting was that outsiders know about our planet and they are watching us just as we watch animals in the zoo.

It was said that extraterrestrials are “effectively secluding us from contact to our benefit, on the grounds that communicating with outsiders would be “socially troublesome” for Earth, meeting co-seat Jean-Pierre Rospars said.

Head over to the original article and read more details on why we have not been contacted yet and info involving this Zoo Speculation.

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