Magnetic Field Of The Sun Is Ten Times Stronger Than Initially Estimated, New Research Revealed

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Aberystwyth University and Queen’s University Belfast have conducted a new study that indicates that the magnetic field of the Sun is ten times more powerful than previously thought.

A Research Fellow at Aberystwyth University, Dr. David Kuridze, can determine that the magnetic field has a higher order of magnitude than the measurement done earlier suggested. To do so, he analyzed a solar flare on 10th of September in 2017 using the Swedish one-meter Solar Telescope at Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory, La Palma in the Canary Islands.

The magnetic field of the Sun is not only academic interest. Even though the light of the Sun took eight minutes to reach us as it is so far away, our world is tremendously impacted by its magnetic field.

Sun’s magnetic field is by ten times stronger than previously considered

Our solar system’s limits are defined by the solar magnetic field that reaches out. Galactic cosmic rays would have otherwise affected us. The massive solar flares that burst from the interior of the Sun and expand to over 20,000 km (12,500 mi) above its surface are confined and directed by it.

Onto us, there are more direct effects the solar magnetic field has. The terrestrial climate and weather can be impacted by it. The auroras in the polar regions form because of its effect that can also affect GPS, magnetic compasses, and radio communications. An electromagnetic pulse event could lead from a massive solar magnetic storm and because of that, an entire continent could be knocked out of the power grid.

The difficulty in measuring the magnetic field of the Sun makes it a problem, according to the new study. The instruments are not, and the atmosphere of the Earth tends to dampen the solar lines of force this way they appear way weaker than they are supposed to be.

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