New Details On The Great White Shark Revealed In A New Study

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A new marine life study focused on the life of great white shark reveals exciting details about this predator. To collect more data, the researchers decided to mount cameras on the back of a few great white sharks. The videos allowed the team to observe how the creatures reacted to the environment how they can travel and chase their prey through the kelp forest.

The researchers used fish chum to attract and capture eight sharks. They were sedated and fitted with high-performance cameras. After the effect of the sedatives started to disappear the creatures were released. One of the most surprising facts is represented by the speed and versatility of the massive predators who can easily navigate through the kelp. The sharks are also able to surprise their prey since many tend to remain at the border of the kelp. As the unsuspecting seals come out, they are quickly ambushed.

Scientists shed more light on how the great white shark lives

The great white shark is one of the most feared predators in the world. A species of the large mackerel shark, the great white shark can be found near the coastal areas of all the major oceans. Their size makes them quite impressive with the females being able to reach an impressive 6.1 meters (or 20 feet) in length and a weight of 1,900 (4,200 lb) when they reach maturity. Most of them are significantly smaller. Recent studies have shown that they can live for almost 70 years, quite a feat which among the known species of cartilaginous fish.

While the larger size may infer the fact that the great white sharks are slow, that is indeed not the case, as they can swim at speeds of up to 56 kilometers per hour (35 miles per hour) and can dive to depths of 1,200 meters (or 3,900 feet). More than 28 hours of footage have been recorded and analyzed during the study. The results were published in a scientific journal.

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