Global Warming Affects Atlantic Canada, And A Sea Level Increase Might Be Inevitable

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A new report, which focuses on the consequences of global warming, concluded that specific parts of Atlantic Canada would face an increase in the sea level in the following decades. The phenomenon will also boost the chance of storm surges, accelerated coastal erosion and long-lasting damage to the ecosystem.

Countries from all over the world are already working on reducing pollution levels but the current trajectory cannot be stopped, and the experts will have to develop new means to protect vulnerable communities.

One of the main points of the report describes the fact that areas like Nova Scotia, P.E.I., Newfoundland, and New Brunswick will encounter a higher sea level in comparison to the global average. One of the researchers noted that the report takes into account every possible emission scenario and the global sea level will continue to rise despite the best efforts of humanity.

Sea level might inevitably increase due to global warming effects on Atlantic Canada

Advanced simulations suggest that the level of the sea will rise by up to 98 centimeters before this century ends. In a scenario which involves high emission, Atlantic Canada will see a rise of 75 centimeters, with the potential to quickly reach 100.

The major increase of the sea level in the region is encouraged by a specific phenomenon called postglacial rebound. During the last ice age, the central part of Canada was filled with ice sheets that were quite thick, reaching up to 4 kilometers. The weight of these massive ice sheets pushed the surface down as the mantle was weaker, and the edges of the ice sheet started to rose a little.

Since the ice has disappeared the land in the central area has started to rise back while the parts which were elevated are sinking. In the areas where the ground is sinking the global sea level predictions have to be altered to take into account the new conditions, resulting in values which are more significant than the global value.

In some regions, the local government has already started to work on pre-emptive measures. It remains to be seen how the situation will change in the long run.

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