SpaceX Falcon Heavy Block 5 Debut Launch Delayed To April 10th Due to Storms

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The American aerospace manufacturer SpaceX has decided to move Falcon Heavy Block 5 debut launch from April 9th to April 10th, because of the severe weather on the East Coast. The giant rocket will fly for the first time in its Block 5 configuration, and we know for sure that it will lift around 6:35 PM EDT(22:35UTC) on Wednesday, April 10th. If we are talking about the date launch delay, this was a little bit expected.

Because Falcon Heavy Flight 2’s static fire test has been delayed from March 31st to April 5th. All those delay dates are not a cause for concerns, just routine minor slips for every rocket which follows to be launched.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Block 5 launch delayed to April 10th

Moreover, Falcon’s Heavy Block 5 launch on April 10th, would be routine for Falcon 9, with three Falcon 9 boosters. Due to the growing experience and confidence with Falcon 9 Block 5, its new Falcon Heavy Block 5 variant will have twice more components than the other one. Falcon Heavy will have three boosters, an upper stage, and uses a center core.

However, for a static fire, it typically takes 24-48 hours, and after that an additional 24 hours before it returns to the hangar. For example, Falcon 9 Block 5 has required four to five days between static fire and the first launch attempt. On the other hand, the best or worst examples are between 3 to 10 days. After those tests and experience gather up, we can see that SpaceX has learned a lot from Falcon Heavy Fight 1, and all the solutions and benefits were transferred to Block 5.

Nevertheless, SpaceX has proven its efficiency on rocket processing, by the minimal disruption on the Falcon 9 launch, and the minor modifications to hardware and facilities. The company will continue to launch Falcon Heavy and will continue to improve after it begins to reuse Falcon Heavy boosters.

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