The Public Can Choose The Name Of A New Planet In Our Solar System

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Back in 2007, a minor planet was discovered in our solar system. The planet is in the Kuiper Belt which can be found beyond Neptune. The current “name” of the planet is (225088) 2007 OR10, but that will be changed soon. The planet is supposed to be covered in icy, and it has a reddish color caused by the methane in the ice.

The scientists that have discovered the planet have three name options for it. The good news is that the public will select the final name of the planet. The three names are Vili, Holle, and Gonggong. Once one of them is selected, the name will be submitted as a formal suggestion to the International Astronomical Union.

There is a new planet in our Solar System, and you can now name it

The selected names have a special significance. For instance, Gonggong is a Mandarin word. Gonggong is a Chinese water god who is said to have sent floods upon the Earth. Vili is a deity from Nordic mythology who has defeated a frost giant, while Holle is a German fairy tale related to Christmas.

“We tried to selected deities where there were links to the color red and also where there was a theme of the inside turning outside or with water ice/snow. We also looked for naming suggestions that have connections to other mythological creatures and deities that could be used as naming options for 2007 OR10’s moon,” explained the astronomers.

Here’s how to name the new planet in the Solar System

The reason why the public has to choose between three options is that previous open votes weren’t that successful. For instance, back in 2017, a submersible was named Boaty McBoatface after the public chose its name. If you want to vote the name of the planet, you can do it on this website.

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