New Earth-Like Exoplanet Spotted Orbiting Proxima Centauri

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A recent discovery made by astronomers is revealing that a new Earth-like exoplanet exists near the star closest to our Sun, Proxima Centauri. It is possible that two planets could orbit the small dwarf star that is 4.24 light-years away from Earth.

Mario Damasso of Italy’s Observatory of Turin, says that the existence of Proxima Centauri B is well known, but he believes that a second planet, Proxima Centauri C, can orbit the closest star to us, too. The scientist thinks that the star, for its part, could be at least six times larger than our planet.

What Details We Have about Proxima Centauri B, the closest Earth-like exoplanet?

Proxima Centauri b was discovered by scientists three years ago orbiting the star, and that it appears to be 1.3 times the size of Earth. They also think that the planet could be warm enough to have life on it. After 17 years of studying Proxima Centauri star and accumulate a lot of data and added new measurements over the years, they have noticed that a second planet is in the region.

Damasso says that the second planet is a new candidate around Proxima. Also, Proxima Centauri C navigates 1,900 days to complete a loop around the star, and this means that the surface temperature will be much too cold for water to flow.

Further studies on Proxima Centauri B will reveal more about this exoplanet

Also, Fabio Del Sordo of the University of Crete, says that the detection was challenging because over the years they have asked themselves if this planet exists or not? But they will keep working on it, continuing to collect data about the star and further studying the new Earth-like exoplanet and what it’s surrounding it. In the near future with the help of more powerful telescopes, they could see the planet entirely.

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