New SpaceIL Lunar Lander Announced Soon After Beresheet Failed To Land On Moon

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Morris Kahn, SpaceIL chairman, has announced that a new SpaceIL lunar lander is currently in development. The announcement was made on Facebook, with a post which contained the statement in English and Hebrew. He noted that the new project would be successful and the dream to land a spacecraft on the moon will become a reality.

A specialized team will be assembled, with the primary aim of devising an effective strategy. The Hebrew version of the announcement encourages young people to learn from failure and persevere until their goal can be completed. Kahn is also one of the significant contributors, providing a considerable amount of the $100 million which were spent on the first project.

The new SpaceIL lunar lander announcement comes soon after Beresheet failed to land on the Moon

The announcement comes in the wake of the failure which compromised the mission a few days ago. Beresheet encountered a fatal engine failure during the landing stage and the team which handled the spacecraft watched helplessly as it began to free-fall towards the surface of the moon. The impact led to critical damage, and all the equipment which was aboard the spacecraft is deemed to be broken. The contact with the spacecraft was lost during the impact, and the mission was declared a failure within the span of a few minutes.

The event was broadcasted on live TV, and many were disappointed by the failure. Some sources have noted that it is quite hard to create a feasible strategy for a moon landing, even more so in the case of a private project like Beresheet.

The project was created for a contest launched by Google a few years ago, as the tech giant wanted to inspire private entities to develop and provide new alternatives for the space industry. The competition ended without a winner, but the team who created the project managed to secure private funding. The payload carried by spacecraft included an advanced instrument which would have been used to measure the magnetic field of the moon, allowing researchers to learn more information about the celestial object.

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