Wormhole Travel, A Viable Possibility Although It Lacks Efficiency In Terms Of Speed

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The idea of traveling through wormholes has been flooding sci-fi moves, and books and every enthusiast has dreamed at least once about getting the chance to see what’s beyond a wormhole. The definition says that a wormhole is a speculative structure linking disparate points in spacetime.

The common idea about wormholes was that they are a means of high-speed transportation, but it seems that the latest discovery shatters this illusion.

Could such a thing become a reality? Well, it seems that at least on a theoretical level, this can indeed be possible.

On the other hand, according to the latest reports, traveling through wormholes would be pretty pointless because it turns out that it would be extremely slow.

There’s a recent study that proved wormhole travel is real and it was realized by Ping Gao and Daniel Jafferis from Harvard University and Aron Wall from Stanford University.

Wormholes, not as efficient as previously believed 

But the same experts have mentioned that wormhole travel would be very inefficient due to its speed.

“It takes longer to get through these wormholes than to go directly,” Jafferis said, “so they are not very useful for space travel.”

The results of this exciting study have been showcased at the 2019 American Physical Society April Meeting which took place in Denver.

Based on the theory, if there are two black holes which are connected at a quantum level, they would be able to act as a wormhole. The light could also be able to travel via such a tunnel.

“From the outside perspective, travel through the wormhole is equivalent to quantum teleportation using entangled black holes,” Jafferis said. “I think [this new research] will teach us deep things about the gauge/gravity correspondence, quantum gravity, and even perhaps a new way to formulate quantum mechanics.”

As a conclusion, wormholes could not be used as a brand new transportation method, and the study was focused more on the quantum aspect of the wormholes.

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