Researchers Attempt to Understand What Happened Before the Big Bang

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Almost everybody knows that the universe as we know it appeared after the Big Bang. Some researchers believe that something may have existed before the major explosion occurred. It may have been a primitive universe, populated with its creatures, who were also trying to understand it’s the origin. Or maybe an infinite number of universes exist, endlessly increasing as new universes continue to appear.

Some researchers are interested in these hypotheses and wish to learn if any of them are viable. Such a venture pushes research to the limit as scientists are often limited by the laws of physics. While existing theories cover everything from the Big Bang onwards the question of what was before remains.

This subject has led to heated debates among the scientific community and many scientists reinforce their arguments by citing data provided by the Cosmic Microwave Background- thought to be the oldest remnants of the Big Bang which are visible with the help of current technology. The CMB surfaced approximately 380,000 years after the Big Bang itself. If we were to look at an earlier stage, we wouldn’t be able to see anything since the universe would overflow with the material.

What happened before the Big Bang?

While there are limits to what can be accurately measured at this point, no one is stopping theorists from developing interesting takes. A famous theoretical physicist has already proposed a sequence of universes which change as time passes, with the Big Bang serving as a marker between an older and a newer stage.

The physicist, Roger Penrose, faced the ire of the community when he made a similar argument last year, adding that traces of older universes can be observed in CMB surveys. Other researchers presented similar hypotheses in the past, including one which claimed that the universe follows a cyclic pattern as hundreds of alternate universes exist along with ours in a conglomerate.

Some of these hypotheses sound viable, but further research is needed before they can be deemed to be more than pure speculation.

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