Cannabis Consumers Who Stopped Smoking Weed For A Month Showed Improved Memory In a Study

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Smoking weed seems to be an increasingly popular activity for teens these days and not only. But how much do we actually know about the long-term effects of this recreational drug? Even though the information is limited, scientists have already made some tests and discovered that getting off cannabis for a month has significant effects on consumers’ memory.

How did the scientists find that?

The Massachusetts General Hospital has quite recently finished a study on the effect of marijuana on adolescents and young adults. They came up with serious evidence that abstaining from smoking cannabis for 30 days helps to store information better in the brain. Meanwhile, the subjects who didn’t quit the weed had a harder time acquiring and storing new items.

Doctors could notice the improvement as soon as a week has passed since the subjects didn’t smoke anymore. Mainly, this activity affected the process of absorbing new data and later accessing it. More details about this new study have been published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.

Consumers who stop smoking weed for a month present improved memory

The clinical study has been undertaken on a sample of 88 marijuana smokers between 16 – 25 years found in Boston. Those who were selected to stop using marijuana had to take some urine tests in the beginning. What’s more, it seems that teens are more inclined to smoke weed than to drink alcohol, which is a significant shift from the previous generations who preferred alcohol.

Finally, this study comes in the context that more and more US states legalize the use of marijuana. Now, recreational marijuana is legal to use starting with 21 years of age in D.C., plus nine other states, among which we can also find Massachusetts. Other states are now preparing to legalize the use, whether it’s just for medical or recreational use.

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