Hayabusa-2 Mission Has Been Successful: the Crater on Asteroid Ryugu Was Created

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The Japanese space agency (JAXA) has sent Hayabusa-2 on a mission, alongside an explosive device. The purpose was to create an artificial crater on the surface of Ryugu asteroid. The task was started on April 5th, and the spacecraft had launched an explosive on the surface of the asteroid. They even recorded a video of the launching explosive. But Hayabusa-2 has taken cover before the explosion, so further information and pictures were expected. Now we have evidence: the crater has been made on the surface of Ryugu asteroid!

After Hayabusa 2 has made it to the asteroid, the explosive was fired on its surface. The result of the explosion is now proven with the pictures taken by the camera on Hayabusa 2, the Optical Navigation Camera. The blast created a vast round-shaped artificial crater. Also, the exciting news is that this is the first artificial crater created on the surface of the asteroid, and for the first time.

Hayabusa-2 has successfully created a crater on Asteroid Ryugu

Moreover, astronomers are excited about this big hole created on the surface. It’s big and can be seen clearly. The purpose of this artificial crater is to study more the formation of the solar system and its stages. So, by making a crater, new materials are being removed from Ryugu’s surface. The study is the same as it was on the Itokawa asteroid; the same analyses were made with samples from it.

Because the asteroids are divided into categories, some of them are more primordial than others. So, Ryugu is one of the asteroids that contain more organic and hydrated materials.

Drawing to a close, Hayabusa-2 is targeting the asteroid Ryugu and the ones like it for further studies of the minerals and water from their surface. Astronomers believe that the materials from asteroids are connected with Earth, and, therefore with the primitive solar nebula from the early solar system.

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