The Milky Way Is Hiding a Strange Star From Another Galaxy

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The astronomers have discovered a strange star unlike any other in the Milky Way, more precisely in the Ursa Major constellation. The name of the object is J1124+4535, and it represents a strange and curious case for astronomers because it has a bizarre celestial body. The object’s mass has a unique chemical signature and origin toward other stars from the Milky Way.

The object was found with the help of a spectroscopic telescope in China, which had analyzed the light spectrum of a star. Through their searching, they have spotted a strange one, an object that contains magnesium and iron chemicals. For a better study and more evidence of the star, the Subaru Telescope from Japan has done a follow-up study. After that the confirmation was given, and, besides this, the telescope has found an abundance of europium in the object. Shocking is the fact that not even the Sun does not contain so much europium.

A star from another galaxy was “adopted” by the Milky Way

However, J1124+4535 could be an outsider. The other stars and objects from the Milky Way galaxy have been studied, and none of them contains this kind of chemicals. So, the guess is that the star could be a remnant of a dwarf galaxy. And unfortunately, maybe, that Galaxy was swallowed by our Galaxy. Also, J1124+4535 is not alone in the Universe, because other studies have found other similar stars with low metal contents around our Galaxy.

Finally, the new object found in the Milky Way is not singular, because even Ursa Minor (UMI) has been formed in dwarf galaxies and contains different chemicals like sodium, scandium, nickel, or zinc. The similarities are incredible, that could lead to a conclusion that the strange star that has been sitting under our noses could come from an ancient, but evolved dwarf Galaxy, just like UMI.

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