We Are Saving the Great Barrier Reef, but the Oldest Rainforest Is Vanishing

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We all know the discoveries, studies, and information about the Great Barrier Reef and its major crisis because of the warming of the planet. Many unfortunate events are leaving our land without natural wonders, and the problem is even more severe – half of the coral is dead. An untold story what so ever, is with the wet tropics from Northern Queensland. The world-renowned Daintree rainforest exists for about 150 million years and is full of life. It has 41% of fish species, 50 % bird species, 60 % butterfly species, and over a third of Australia’s mammal species.

The oldest forest on Earth has rare and ancient species, it’s the second irreplaceable world heritage, and together with the Great Barrier Reef, they have an uncertain future. The serious reports after analyzing the situation in the forest, are saying that if action isn’t taken, by the end of the century, many species will be lost. More than 50% percent of the tropical Queensland’s forest has been destroyed, and the bigger problem is that another crisis is hitting.

We Are Saving the Great Barrier Reef, but the Oldest Rainforest Is Vanishing

The heat waves that are hitting Australia can threaten and damage a series of animals from the wet tropics. Even the possum and the birds have no place to hide from the heat even if they are climbing on the tallest peaks. Some of them will be extinct until 2022, that is the case of the lemuroid ringtail possum, and after that even more of them: the tooth-billed bowerbird, and the green ringtail possum.

Finally, the problem is serious and the losses irreplaceable, so the interventions on the forest are necessary. Witnessing the destruction of one of the most ecological and beautiful places in the world by climate a change is not what should happen. We have to take care of the Great Barrier Reef too, and many funding was received for it, but the Oldest Forest in the world must be our concern also.

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