Wondering Why Did Da Vinci Never Finish Mona Lisa? Here’s The Answer!

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A new study comes to reveal an essential fact about our history and culture, namely what happened to Leonardo da Vinci and why he couldn’t finish the famous Mona Lisa painting. From what it seems, he had injured his arm while he fainted.

A Huge Subject for Debate

For centuries, many art historians have debated what made the huge artist unable to complete the painting. But recently, the most plausible theory seems to be the one that he had partial paralysis, following a stroke. The proponents of this theory also argued that the fact that da Vinci was vegetarian is also crucial because the high-dairy diet he adopted could have led to a stroke.

Despite this, now we have two Italian doctors who studied a drawing of the artist done by Giovan Ambrogio Finio, a Lombard artist. It’s a red calk picture which shows da Vinci holding his lower right arm at right angles. Moreover, he keeps it wrapped in folds of clothes, just like in a sling. In the drawing, he keeps the thumb, first, and second fingers extended, while the rest are contracted. Davide Lazzeri and Carlo Rossi, the two doctors, write in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine that if the artist would have suffered a stroke, he would have had his entire fist clenched.

More Arguments to Support This Theory

Furthermore, they claim there is no evidence of any neurological or facial impairment of da Vinci, which are regular symptoms after a stroke. Instead, this hand position betrays typical traumatic nerve damage that often occurs with elders when they fall because of dizziness or fainting. Dr. Lazzeri also added that this might be an explanation for the vast number of paintings Da Vinci failed to complete during the last five years of his career.

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