Cannabis Aids Increasing Motivation and Recovery in Workouts, Study Says

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A new survey published in the Journal of Frontiers in Public Health says that many people who use cannabis before and after workout expressed a significant increase of enjoyment as they exercised, and also while recovering. The study states that eight out of ten cannabis users reported that they use marijuana before or after their workout and most of them said that it stimulates them to exercise, enhances the enjoyment of the exercise and boosts their recovery.

Study author Angela Bryan said that the data collected while doing the survey suggest that the use of cannabis isn’t supporting the stereotypes that weed makes people ‘to be lazy and couch-locked’. Bryan is, however, not yet recommending the use of weed as an aid to exercise because ‘the evidence is not there yet’.

Cannabis is legal in 10 states at the moment, and there is not much known about how increasing acceptance could affect public health efforts like obesity and physical health.

Cannabis Aids Increasing Motivation and Recovery in Workouts

Researchers examined 600 adult weed users from Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. The question that was asked was whether they ever used marijuana before or after the workout. Out of the total number of people, 82 percent were affirmative. Another question of 345 people who use marijuana with workout found that they were more prone to use weed after the exercise, rather than before it. However, 67 percent reported they did both.

From all the surveyed co-users, 78% said it enhanced recovery after exercise, 70% reported that it boosted the experience, and 52% said that it increased motivation. What is impressive is the fact that those whom co-used weed managed to exercise for approximately 43 more minutes than those who don’t use.

Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory plant which could in fact help in recovering. The study did not care about what sort of cannabis people utilize along with their workout practice, whether it was edibles or smoked flower.

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