The Deepest Man-Made Hole – The Depth of That Will Leave You Breathless

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There is a corner in Russia that looks exactly like a picture taken out of a fairy tale book because of the snow, forests, lakes, and mists you can find if you visit the Kola Peninsula deep in the Arctic Circle. Even though nature leaves you in awe, you will not be able to speak after seeing what some people refer to as the entrance to hell. There lays the ex-Soviet scientific research station in the middle of which’s concrete floor there is embedded a metal cap being kept secured by a ring of rusty and thick metal bolts.

What are we talking about?

In the paragraph above we offered you a description of the deepest artificial point and the deepest humanmade hole on Earth, the Kola Superdeep Borehole. The construction goes 12.2 km deep in the ground, about 40,230ft, and the locals think they can hear screams that might come from souls receiving torture in hell.

During the Cold War, there was a competition between the superpowers on which one could reach the mantle of the planet first, and this mission wants to be continued by the Japanese.

The story of the deepest man-made hole on Earth

According to Uli Harms, a scientist that used to work on the German rival to the Kola borehole and is now part of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program, the drilling started during the Iron Curtain period. As Russian were not that open with their data kept the motivation going in the race.

Most scientists did not believe the considered-false claiming of the Russian when they said they found free water when they started drilling. This was not considered accurate because the density of the crust was of 5 km and water can’t penetrate that far. However, the deepest man-made hole on Earth remains a tremendous scientific feat for humanity.

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