The Sun Will Get Hotter and Hotter And Will Eventually Make The Earth Uninhabitable

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A new report claims that the Sun is warming up and this will ultimately sound the death knell for life on Earth. Scientists have reported that as the Sun keeps on burning using its ingredients, each day will gradually get hotter and ultimately will create of Earth an uninhabitable environment.

The cause of this is because the heavenly body, already with a surface temperature of 5,505 degrees Celsius and a heart possibly leveling 15 million degrees Celsius, is burning through its elements. The host star is by now incredibly massive in size, having a total of 99.8 percent of the solar system’s volume, but its mass is being utilized, provoking the Sun to enlarge and emit more heat in a phenomenon we know as ‘nuclear fusion.’

Hydrogen particles became condensed due to the extreme pressure and merged emitting enormous amounts of energy as heat. If more hydrogen molecules get combined, more heat is being emitted, and the Sun enlarges and becomes brighter at the same time. However, scientists say there is an approximated period of a few billion years before the catastrophe will happen.

The Sun will make the Earth uninhabitable as it will get hotter and hotter

Science podcast ‘Starts with a Bang’ released an explanation regarding the matter in an article published by Forbes saying that when sufficient time passes, the Earth will become an uninhabitable planet due to the Sun’s transformations. The amount of volume lost by the Sun will grow as time passes, especially as it starts the high stage of its life.

But, at this moderately persistent pace, the increase of helium in the Sun’s center means that the Earth will warm up, and after approximately one to two billion years, the host star will be blazing sufficiently hot to boil all the Earth’s water bodies, making liquid water not possible anymore on our entire planet, thus killing all forms of life.

The Sun will contradictorily get hotter and hotter as it brightens more and more. The research team says that Earth has, however, utilized about three-quarters of the period there is where our planet is livable. But as the Sun will keep on losing volume and heat up, humanity and all kinds of life currently present on Earth will be heading towards its inevitable doom.

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