The Biggest Limitation In Spaceflight, Revealed By NASA

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People have been going to space for decades now, but experts are only beginning to understand what happens to the human body’s health. It seems that this is the biggest obstacle in spaceflight that NASA has been trying to overcome.

The human body in space 

The human body has been indeed evolving for thousands of years, but only to thrive on the surface of the Earth. But when you take an earthbound entity and send it to space, things change, and they become much more challenging, notes

After they come back home, the astronauts report poorer eyesight, and this is possibly due to the fact that the eyeball changes its shape in space. Also, the same online publication notes that the tissues surrounding the optic nerves will become swollen.

It seems that also, without the constant tug of gravity, the bones become more brittle and the muscles atrophy.

VOX also says that now there’s momentum to send humans into space farther and loner than ever before and this means they we would be subjecting the human bodies to even more of the strange environment that’s out there.

Bold plans ahead

NASA plans to send people back to the moon by the year 2024 and this plan involves a permanent “lunar gateway,” a space station to orbit the moon.

Such immense efforts could lay the groundwork for an eventual crewed mission to Mars. But it’s also important to note that this would place astronauts in space and on the red planet for years.

There are even bolder plans in the works. As we recently reported, Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos has some pretty impressive plans.

Last week, Jeff Bezos unveiled the lunar lander that his aerospace company has been secretly developing for years now. He also revealed the plan to send people back to the moon, but this time to stay there.

All these are some pretty impressive ideas, but the sad truth is that no one really knows what happens to the human body when it spends more than one year into space.

Head over to the VOX’s original article to read some of the most exciting suppositions including what happens when the body is exposed to radiation, a longer time in space and more.

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