SpaceX “Starlink” Satellites Launch Could Create A Layer Of Space Junk Around The Earth

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A space scientist claimed that SpaceX “Starlink” satellites launch could entrap humans on Earth as they could produce a layer of space junk around our planet. The scientist allegedly said that this would create an impassable barrier of space debris around the Earth.

The Starlink is a SpaceX project and includes 60 satellites which are intended to generate the internet to people from orbit. The space agency scheduled no less than 12 flights as it appears to arrange a vast array of hundreds of satellites which will provide Wi-Fi.

A space scientist has now claimed that the leftover mass of space satellites could transform the atmosphere around our planet into a danger zone as the destroying mess of space junk liberated by the space probes could obstruct rockets from leaving the Earth. This effect is also known as ‘Kessler syndrome.’

SpaceX “Starlink” Satellites Launch Could Create A Layer Of Space Junk Around The Earth

Dr. Stijin Lemmens said that the worst case scenario it could happen is to launch the satellites but then go bankrupt and can’t get them out of there. This would be a Kessler-kind of a syndrome.

SpaceX says the region it will send the satellites is not cluttered, but a lower orbital level than the majority of the space technology present, so the possibility of satellite collision is very low. But even with such preventative measures, vast arrays of satellites such as “Starlink” will probably encounter about 67,000 possible impacts per year, another space scientist claimed.

Even if at least 12 launches, an approximate of another 12 are still needed for average internet coverage. Elon Musk has earlier said that he is planning to launch about 12,000 space probes until the middle of the year 2020. If everything works according to Musk’s project, internet users from all over the world could benefit from internet speeds at 40 times faster rate, irrelevant of where they are located. The service will come with a price which is still unknown, but the founder of SpaceX plans to keep the costs affordable.

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