Scientists Found New Evidence of Two Galaxies Colliding

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After thorough analysis, scientists now claim that there’s enough evidence to conclude that unusual galaxy NGC4485 collided with another galaxy millions of years ago. The consequences of this are quite surprising, specialists say, considering that the encounter did not destroy the galaxy, but it is spawning a generation new space objects, potentially even planets. NGC 4485 is currently located in the Canes Venatici constellation, in the northern part of it.

Scientists found new evidence of two colliding galaxies

In the abundance of young blue stars and star-incubating pinkish nebulas, a star formation is shown, that causes the right side of the galaxy to be highly illuminated.

However, the right side being ablaze, the left side seems to be untouched. Research suggests that inside it there might be evidence that might help to decipher what was the previous spiral structure of the galaxy. It was going through what is considered as ‘normal galactic evolution’ at a particular time of its existence.

NGC 4490, the galaxy scientists attributed the culpability for this event is in the lower part. The collision happened millions of years ago. Thus, the evidence in this regard point to the fact that they are 24,000 light-years apart from each other. The magnitude of the phenomenon caused the creation of waves of gas and dust of high densities inside both galaxies. This caused the formation of the planets.

This is proof that galaxy collisions were happening much often in the past

This galaxy shows us, once again, that these kinds of events were not isolated cases back in those times, mainly because the universe was smaller back then, which means that the galaxies were closer together.

NGC 4485 is currently located in the Canes Venatici constellation, in the northern part of it. Scientists’ estimations suggest that this galaxy is situated roughly 25 million light-years apart from our planet. Recently taken photos, by the Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 help astronomers better understand how complex the universe really is and to get insights into its dynamics.

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