Google Built An AI That Is Better Than Human Experts At Detecting Lung Cancer

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It seems that, at least according to the latest reports, the rise of robots would not be that bad after all. AI (artificial intelligence) proves to be an amazing tool that can improve life.

The New York Times and BGR reported that one such AI that has been built by Google is able to perform some pretty impressive things.

Google develops a mindblowing algorithm 

In a recent research paper, there’s an algorithm that has been developed in partnership between Google and medical experts, and this has proven its high accuracy at finding lung cancer.

BGR reports that this impressive paper was published in Nature Medicine, and it reveals that the AI is, in some ways, even more accurate than trained radiologists while trying to spot the first signs of cancer in medical scans.

The computer brain in this study as BGR calls it has been trained using scans from past lung cancer screenings.

Then, it was tasked by judging more than 6,700 cancer screening scans just to see how accurately it is able to spot cancer that doctors already knew was present.

The rate that the AI managed to achieve in testing was the impressive number of 94.4%.

The AI performed incredibly during testing 

BGR notes that after that, the Ai has pitted against the human brain of six radiologists to see the exact skills of both the computer and the humans while trying to detect cancer in some slides that they had never seen before.

The results were impressive, and the online publication writes that “in screening data sets where additional supplemental information in the form of tomography scans was available for the radiologists, the computer performed similarly to the professionals.”

They continue and explain in the cases where the additional tomography data was not available, “the AI handily bested its human counterparts, outperforming all six of them with 11 percent fewer false positives and 5 percent fewer false negatives.”

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