SpaceX Delayed the Starlink Satellites Launch Once Again, While Bitcoin Blockchain Is Already in Space

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Space X announced the launch of the 60 Starlink satellites in space on 23 May. The bigger plan for SpaceX, although, is sending roughly 12,000 similar satellite into space. These will gravitate around the Earth and will provide affordable access to the internet to the entire world.
However, things do not seem to go as planned, since the launching of its first spacecraft should have happened about a week ago, and was delayed twice since the initial date.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin blockchain has already been launched. Blockstream Satellite, several geostationary space objects have as a core objective ensuring that users that are not able to access the internet are provided with the full Bitcoin blockchain.

SpaceX Starlink satellites would provide internet to the entire world

Starlink is not composed by a single satellite, but rather that a large number of such satellites forming a mega constellation. After all the rockets being launched in space and everything is set in place, it is expected that affordable internet access will be accessible to individuals all around the world.

As stated by the Federal Communications Commission, by April 2024, 2200 satellites have to be launched into the Earth’s low orbit, and 3750 of them in the very-low-orbit by the same month. Following the statement of Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, one or more launchings will take place every month for the next two years, and each spacecraft will be loaded with 60 satellites.

Bitcoin blockchain already launched in space

Blockstream Satellite has lofted several satellites into the Earth’s orbit. These give the possibility to users to access the full Bitcoin blockchain without being connected to the internet. However, this access is somehow restricted, since Blockstream’s proprietary software and services necessarily have to be used to gain access to the Bitcoin blockchain.

If Blockstream is already live, Starlink has delayed the lofting twice by this time, and specialists worry that if these kinds of delays will further intervene, Starlink might have to face the consequences issued by FCC. However, if fully launched, these Spaces X satellites might have a significant impact on the lives of many individuals from all around the world.

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