Ebola Outbreak in DR Congo Might Turn Into An Ebola Pandemic

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A large-scale Ebola outbreak may take place as armed groups continue to attack medical workers and facilities located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A high-ranking employee of the health minister has stated that the government has to go to great lengths to keep the fatal malady at bay as dangerous groups continue to threaten doctors and hospitals. Security is a significant concern since, with each compromised facility, the medical response becomes weaker, and the virus has more time to spread and infect new patients.

Members of the World Health Organization are already concerned by the situation in the country, which favors the rise of a new pandemic. Three years have passed since a major outbreak in West Africa resulted in the death of more than 11,000 people within two years.

The chaos in DR Congo may fuel an Ebola pandemic

The potential for a new outbreak has been deemed to be one of the most complex health emergencies in the world and WHO is already looking forward to the creation of an effective strategy which should hamper or reduce the severity of such a development. The consequences of an unchecked Ebola rampage could be quite dire in the long run.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been struggling with internal turmoil for decades. Neglected by the central government in Kinshasa, a region of the county saw the rise of several armed groups who continuously fight in an attempt to establish their dominance. The situation degenerated in recent years, forcing hundreds of people to abandon their homes and move to other areas or seek asylum in nearby countries.

The problem is complicated further by the fact that medical workers are avoided by the people, who do not trust health agencies and institutions. A study elaborated by a trusted institution notes that more than 30% of the people believe that Ebola isn’t a real disease.
It remains to be seen if the situation will be improved in the future since there is much to be done.

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