Earthquake Shocking Claim Predicts Possible Wreck of Civilization

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A shocking claim has made it to the surface, namely, a large-scale earthquake has been predicted by tremor enthusiasts. The earthquake will reportedly occur on May the 30th, as conspiracy theorists claim a peculiar alignment of planets in the solar system. The event could destroy civilization and the planet.

The dangerous situation is at the moment settling, with the gravity of other planets in our solar system dragging on Earth, as said by an earthquake ‘expert.’ The mystic claims that Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and the Sun have all allegedly aligned in such a way that it will have an adverse impact on Earth’s tectonic plates.

Frank Hoogerbeets, a ‘new age earthquake forecaster,’ made the allegation, saying that the gravitational tugging of the afore-mentioned space objects will generate tension to set up Earth’s tectonic plates, which will eventually be liberated and will create a major earthquake.

Earthquake shocking claim predicts a possible wreck of civilization

The mystic, Hoogerbeets, posted on his website Ditrianum an article stating that crucial geometry appears as Earth and the Moon are being affected by Jupiter and Mercury, while the later aligns with the Sun and Saturn on the 28th. He continued saying that the situation stays vital as Mercury aligns with Mars and the sun on the 30th and with Earth and Jupiter as well.

Mr. Hoogerbeets​ arrived at this conclusion by utilizing his Solar System Geometry Index (SSGI) which, he says, is the calculation of a data set for particular time-frame of numbers given to the exact geometric location of the planets, the Moon and the Sun. He also says that after he studied this for three years, it became apparent that some planetary geometry in our solar system is definitely prone to create a seismic increase, but some other geometry does not.

However, the experts have dislodged Mr. Hoogerbeets​’ allegations, with the fact that there is no current method through which earthquakes can be foreseen.  John Bellini, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), stated that scientists can not predict or even foresee earthquakes. He adds that sometimes, ahead of a major earthquake, there will be a foreshock or two, but no one knows they are foreshocks prior to a large-scale one occurring. The USGS totally contradicts with the prediction, saying that earthquakes are impossible to forecast. They also wrote on their website that neither they or any other scientists had predicted a large-scale earthquake.

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