UAE Goes To Mars – Hope Probe, First Arab Space Exploration Mission, Gets Closer To The Finish Line

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While NASA is working on returning to the Moon and send another rover to Mars, the Mars 2020 mission, the US space agency is not the only one that’s aiming for the Red Planet or the Earth’s natural satellite. China is also focusing on other lunar mission, while the UAE (United Arab Emirates) plans to go to Mars with Hope Probe, the first Arab space exploration mission in history.

And the best part is that Hope Probe gets closer to the finish line, and the UAE decided to house Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) Science Week in the first week of the next month, July. As expected, the science week that will be available at The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, MBRSC, would focus on the upcoming Hope Probe, the central part of the so-called Emirates Mars Mission.

EMM Science Week will have six workshops, and its primary purpose is to present the essential elements of Hope Prove and its mission to collect probes from Mars for further analysis.

UAE Will Soon Launch The First Arab Space Exploration Mission To Mars – Hope Probe

“EMM Science Week comes within the framework of enhancing MBRSC’s mission to introduce community members and university and school students to its scientific programs, space projects, and the importance of scientific progress to make achievements that benefit humanity,” explained Yousuf Hamad AlShaibani, Director General of MBRSC, cited by MENAFN.

The UAE scientific community is confident in the significance of the so-called Hope Probe as the first Arab space exploration mission would prove that the Arabs are capable of enriching “civilization and human knowledge,” as AlShaibani added. The final aim of the UAE scientists is to turn the UAE in a world’s leading country for space exploration and science.

“As the Hope Probe gets closer to the finish line, we get closer to achieving the ambitions of the UAE and making the dream a reality. It is now our responsibility to raise awareness about the Emirates Mars Mission and the scientific mission of the probe and how it is set to serve humanity by sharing important scientific data about the Red Planet. We also aim to acknowledge the efforts of the team who is working relentlessly to achieve this stage of work and success,” also said Dr. Eng. Mohammed Nasser Al Ahbabi of the UAE Space Agency.

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