Dwarf Planet Ceres Houses A Bizarre Mountain, As Spotted by NASA’s Dawn Probe

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NASA researchers made an exciting discovery in the form on a strange mountain present on the surface of Ceres, a dwarf planet which can be found in our solar system. The bizarre mountain was observed with the help of a probe called Dawn, which is locked in an orbit around Ceres.

Bizarre mountain structure spotted on the dwarf planet Ceres

The probe ran out of fuel in 2018, but it is thought that it will continue to function for a long while. At some point, it may crash into the surface of Ceres, but that remains to be seen. Ceres is located in the central asteroid belt, which can be found between Mars and Jupiter.

The remarkable mountain was named Ahuna Mons, and it seems that it is entirely different in comparison to what we saw in the past. A significant difference comes from the fact that spectacular vertical streaks cover its slopes.

Some researchers argue that a bubble of mud found a path to the surface of the dwarf planet, and it started to push through the icy layer, reaching an area filled with reflective salts. The spectacular streaks are similar to other landscapes which can be found on Ceres, including the famous bright spots.

Dwarf planet Ceres presents elements crucial for life formation

Ceres features an abundant supply of elements which are deemed to be essential for the creation of life. Data sand by Dawn infers that the dwarf planet features a wealth of content, with the quantity being considerably higher in comparison to previous theories.

It is essential to take into account the fact that this type of information doesn’t prove that alien life existed on Ceres. However, it may play an important in future research as many scientists are fascinated by the chemicals known as the building blocks of life.

The source of the chemicals spotted on Ceres remains elusive, but asteroid or comets likely brought them. Similar compounds were detected on the bottom of a Martian lake.

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