Microorganisms Could Be Used To Combat Climate Change

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According to an international team of microbiologists, climate change could be severely impacted if we ignore the role of microorganisms.

Lista Stein, a co-author of the statement made by the team, claims that microbiology could prove to be a beneficial tool when it comes to solving the huge issues related to climate change. As she says, microorganisms are somehow caught in the middle, as they are affected by climate change, but they can also affect it as well. In other words, microorganisms can produce and consume greenhouse gases at the same time, making them extremely important in changing the climate.

Being an expert when it comes to biofuels, Stein put together a team of scientists that researches to explore the possibility of bacteria turning gas emissions from oil and gas production into useful biofuels, like methanol and isoprene.

Microorganisms Could Be Used To Combat Climate Change

One of the team’s goals is to point out that climate change is not only caused by cars, fossil fuel, and industry. While these factors are relevant, there are some other elements, like microorganisms, that should be considered. Stein claims that the Earth could be brought to a more sustainable state with the use of microbes.

“We need to improve literacy about this topic, to both address the climate change disaster that is upon us, right now, today, and to encourage future generations to feel more comfortable in their understanding of our microbial world. We really believe this is our last chance. Doing nothing is unethical. If we don’t, we are possibly looking at the end of our species within the next two generations. We can’t just sit back.”

The statement was created with the help of 30 experts from nine countries, all of which expressed their concern on the matter.

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