SpaceX Heavy Falcon Rocket To Launch On June 24th – Watch It Live Here!

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June 24th is the date when another SpaceX Heavy Falcon rocket will launch into space. That is the most powerful piece of engineering they have built up to this point. Falcon Heavy will be embarking into space for a third time on a nighttime flight. It is carrying cargo for NASA and different branches of the US government.

Watch Live The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Takeoff On NASA Channel

NASA will be streaming the launch live, beginning at 8 PM PT, on June 24th. The scheduled launch time is 8.30 PM from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Space Test Program 2 or STP2 is the mission’s designation. This is due to its contractor being the Department of Defense. The rocket will carry a few dozen satellites into the planet’s orbit.

Among these, the Lightsail 2, a test mission involving a solar sail, and the Deep Space Atomic Clock, which has the purpose of assisting spacecraft with navigation on distant journeys.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy To Launch On June 24th At 8:30 PM PT

SpaceX said this about the challenge of the launch: “The STP-2 mission will be among the most challenging launches in SpaceX history, four separate upper-stage engine burns, three separate deployment orbits, a final propulsive passivation maneuver, and a total mission duration of over six hours.”

After achieving its mission, the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will hopefully manage to reach the landing zone on the center core of a drone ship in the Atlantic, named Of Course I Still Love You. The former Falcon Heavy rocket from SpaceX was successfully launched in April, despite heavy winds. This mission saw the orbit of Saudi Arabia’s Arabsat 6a satellite along with Elon’s Tesla Roadster for some reason. Maybe he wanted it as far away as possible.

The Falcon Heavy had a 5-10 percent chance to fail, according to Elon Musk himself. Despite unproven modifications to the design, the rocket satisfied all of the mission parameters. With a successful touchdown on the landing zone, the side boosters have been recovered by difficult sea conditions made it so the center core was lost.

You can watch live the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch here:

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