Life-Supporting Two-Dimensional Universe Is Possible, According To New Research From MIT

A new study could prove the existence of a life-supporting two-dimensional universe. After reading the paper, MIT’s Technology Review became convinced that there is a possibility that such a universe could exist.

The study was made by James Scargill, a physicist at the University of California. He believes that the laws of physics don’t eliminate the possibility of a 2+1 universe existing. Since our perceivable reality is in three dimensions, it is almost impossible for us to envision a 2D universe or a 4D or 5D universe.

For a long time in history, philosophers and physicists alike have been trying to find a way to determine if life could exist outside of the three dimensions we are capable of experiencing. In these discussions, the time has been taken into the equation, leading to the description of experiencing a 3+1-dimensional universe.

New Research From MIT Shows That A Life-Supporting Two-Dimensional Universe Is Possible

According to most experts, our 3+1D universe is the only one capable of sustaining life. They explain that if more than three dimensions were to exist, Newton’s laws of motion would be contradicted. There still remains the question of a two-dimensional world. Scientists say that it would be difficult to imagine how gravity would work in this case, so life-supporting systems are unlikely to form in such a universe.

In the recently published study, Scargill encourages scientists to rethink these arguments. He has proven that the laws of physics still apply in a 2D world, and gravity would always be present. Even more, he believes life-supporting systems could exist.

To formulate the basis of his study, Scargill used physics formulas to provide evidence that scaler gravitational fields can exist in a two-dimensional world, suggesting that our 3D universe is unnecessarily complicated since a two-dimensional universe is enough to sustain life.

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