How Much Does The Universe Weigh? Scientists Have The Answer

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The universe is being weighed by scientists one galaxy cluster at a time. There is interest in analyzing the quantity of matter in these, the most massive formations in the universe. So far, findings show that there is a balance between the different materials in space.

Results are coming in the form of observations, which is being compared with theories that were formed 20 years ago. Scientists hope that these measurements will give insight into how ordinary matter interacts with dark matter. The answer to this question will probably solve the mystery of how the universe is growing.

A galaxy cluster is made up of 1000 galaxies, making them the most massive known formations in the universe. The groups contain stars and gas but also more exotic materials like dark matter and hot gas.

Scientists calculated how much the Universe weighs

An international team of scientists is conducting a new study. They are using data from the Local Cluster Substructure Survey (LoCuSS). This allows them to measure the spread of the three main components in the universe, stars, hot gas, and dark matter. Researchers have spent more than ten years gathering data that will be useful in the study. Information from 8 telescopes, satellites and surveys is being used to conduct their measurements.

It is being discovered that the universe is quite the fan of symmetry and balance, as the formation of stars decreases the amount of hot gas and so on.

The team comments: “A certain amount of material within the universe collapses to form galaxy clusters. But once they are formed, these clusters are ‘closed boxes.’ The hot gas has either formed stars, or still remains as gas, but the overall quantity remains constant. Galaxy clusters are intrinsically fascinating, but in many ways still mysterious objects. These measurements are laying a foundation for precise science with clusters of galaxies.”

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