Which Time of the Day Is the Best One to Exercise for a Successful Weight Loss

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How often do you exercise? Is it morning, afternoon, or evening? Is the time of the day valuable? We come with answers to these questions.

Apparently, the time of the day is the key to a successful weight loss. Researchers from Brown Alpert Medical School have recently led a study, and it was published in the Obesity journal. They proved that the time of the day is significant for the workout. It is actually the key to weight loss.

How did the study go?

In order to conduct the study, the team has examined 375 adults who have made moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity. Researchers have asked the participants to tell them the time of the day they exercised, and how frequently they did it. After analyzing the results, the team has found that most of the participants exercised in mornings. The regular exercises came together with higher physical activity levels. It did not matter if the people frequently exercised during the mornings, afternoons, or even at nights.

Why are the findings significant?

The findings show a future for the experimental research, that can determine if the time of the day is the key in helping people maintain a higher level of physical activity, as told in a statement by the co-author of the study.

It is also crucial to see whether there is an importance to the time of day. They also want to see if a certain period of the day is more advantageous for people who, at first, have low physical activity levels. It is essential to see if people can develop a physical activity habit by exercising at a particular time in the day, be it morning, afternoon, or night.

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