Humanity’s Mission To Become Multiplanetary, To Be Soon Revisited By Elon Musk

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We’re now less than three years after the SpaceX founder has dazzled the world with his slideshow about going to Mars. Now, it seems that Elon Musk is about to present the people with a progress report.

But, it seems that we still have to wait a bit more so that the Red Planet rocket lifts off for the very first time.

A couple of days ago, Musk said on Twitter that he “will do Starship presentation a few weeks after Hopper hovers, so prob late July.” You can see his tweet below.

When Musk was asked, “*If* the presentation is at the Boca Chica facilitates, how does one attain an invitation?”m he responded with the following words: “Local supporters will be invited!”

The Twitter community got all excited. Someone, for instance, said: “I would be willing to travel all the way from west coast if I got an invite. But I wouldn’t want to take away the opportunity from local supporters. I really really hope you all get to go and enjoy the show! I will make it to an event someday.”

Musk has big plans for Starship 

CNET reveals that SpaceX has been building a Starhopped prototype of its Starship vehicle at the company’s facility in South Texas.

Starship is the vehicle that Musk and SpaceX are hoping to use for the massively publicized trip that is set to take place around the moon in a few years.

This would be used for future trips to Mars and maybe also for quick international flights via space.

“So far, testing of Starhopper has been limited to hold-down firings of its single Raptor engine. Plans for it to actually lift off the ground and at least hover (or “hop”) before landing have been delayed in recent weeks,” CNET writes.

It’s been also reported that Starhopper is “almost ready to hover” following a vibration problem with the Raptor engine which was fortunately resolved.

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