Are We Really Prepared For An Asteroid Impact?

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According to Nick Sais, we should learn more about asteroids before us being in a situation in which our lives are in danger. He said that people just drive past these ginormous structures that look like hills without realizing that studying them could help humanity.

The work of Nick Sais

Mr. Sais runs the group Australian Preppers. While he is preparing for a range of natural or human-made catastrophes, he believes asteroids pose the greatest threat.

Mr. Sais is the leader of Australian Preppers, a group that gets ready for catastrophic events, such as the one of an asteroid strike. According to him, these big pieces of rock are our biggest threat. He does not consider the humanity begin destroyed by an asteroid an impossibility as the craters on the Moon and Earth shows the contrary.

There are a lot of new research organizations that began studying these risks, and they are conscious asteroids are the enemy of humanity. A lot of reports have been released by these organizations explaining how major disasters can put an end to our planet and our species.

How dangerous are asteroids, and why?

As everybody knows since kindergarten, 65 million years ago, many species of dinosaurs disappeared off the face of the Earth because of the dramatic impact an asteroid had on our planet. Off the coast of Mexico, there is a crater called Chicxulub that measures 150 kilometers and has been created by an asteroid ten times smaller.

An asteroid affects the planet even before it hits because it releases huge amounts of energy when it enters the atmosphere of our planet and it explodes, their power being many times stronger than one of a nuclear bomb.

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