The Moon Influenced The Evolution Of The Earth, Says The Scientists

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The moon will soon be full of the infrastructure companies, and countries are developing, and some of them want to get to know the Earth better by finding clues in the rocky soil of its natural satellite. Fifty years ago, when the first astronauts bounced on the moon, the experts’ fascination was born.

What do researchers think?

Based on what scientists think, the moon, which weighs about 80 times less than our planet and is a quarter its size, formed 4.5 billion years ago from what used to be a Mars-like planetary body and an early Earth by the collision between their remnants. Before the moon-shaped out of those pieces, they used to orbit the Earth. However, the oldest rock scientists could find on our planet dates back to only 4 billion years ago, so experts need to fill the 500 million-year gap with information.

According to Bill Bottke, at the Department of Space Studies in Boulder’s Southwest Research Institute, the moon probably hides half billion years worth of information. In addition to that, we can get more information regarding the formation of our planet as fragments of its earliest states bombarded the moon. Bottke said that if the scientists understand the moon, they can get to know better other worlds as well — all planets suffered from the same early bombardment as the moon.

The tunnels under the surface of the moon

Beneath the surface of the moon hide underground tunnels that lava carved out and a team at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh wants to survey them. In those tunnels, they could find untainted materials from when the moon and the Earth first started forming.

A researcher at Carnegie Mellon, William Whittaker, said that only pristine materials are likely to be held by the lava tubes which means that the secret materials still remain a secret until a team sets foot on the moon again.

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