Elon Musk’s Neuralink Plans To Implant Sensors In Human Brain

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Genius billionaire Elon Musk wants to implant a sensor in your brain called Neuralink. No official information has been released concerning the progress of technology in recent months or even years. However, an early briefing is available, and it’s pretty SciFi heavy. What we know is that a specialized robot will be able to perform the implant deep in the human brain. The robotic action has been compared with a sowing machine.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Goals

Testing has been performed but only on lab rats, meaning that this machine has impressive accuracy if it can target the small brain inside these creatures. The rats have been implanted with a massive 1500 electrodes. The process could work on humans as well, but it may not. As is the case with any lab rat to human process transfer. Well then, I’m sure Elon can find some volunteers.

In the case it does work, Neuralink and Elon may accomplish some awe-inspiring and humanitarian feats. They say their first order of business is to use the tech to help amputees gain more mobility and to help people regain their ability to see, speak, and hear.

Neuralink is the next industrial revolution

Elon Musk believes that this unity between man and machine is the only way for us to keep with future devices that will be equipped with artificial intelligence. The procedure will not be very intrusive to human physiology as the size of the bundles of electronic threads is a quarter of the diameter of one human hair. These will be implanted with needles to avoid blood vessels located on the surface of the brain.

Elon has tried to inspire confidence for the technology, stating that a monkey that is equipped with the technology could perform basic computer operations. He also noted a surprising fact. That two humans that have the tech implant could possibly communicate using telepathy.

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