Elon Musk Is Confident That SpaceX Will Be The First To Reach Mars With A Human-Crewed Mission

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Elon Musk is a person that does not really filter his thoughts before saying them out loud, and maybe he does that so people would not focus on the things he does wrong.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, answered some questions during an interview with CBS News. In addition to that, he also said that in two years the company could reach the moon using a vehicle he has not named and in four years they will even be able to send people to the Red Planet, Mars.

The way he started exposing his idea was by saying: “Well, this is gonna sound pretty crazy.” However, without even mentioning that we expect to hear something crazy every time he opens his mouth, and even though these unimaginable ideas might seem impossible to realize in real life, he tries and fails.

Elon Musk Is Confident That SpaceX Will Be The First To Reach Mars With A Human-Crewed Mission

Since 2016, SpaceX’s project list included some failures with the most recent one taking place last week. It is when a small-scale spacecraft, the SpaceX Starhopper, was tested and blew up. If these rockets are likely to explode, people would not want to be strapped in one just to see Mars.

When it comes to Tesla, Elon Musk does not succeed internally there either as he needs to crack the whip on employees so they would achieve his goals, which made them use electrical tape in their work. However, this can’t be considered a piece of equipment for rockets as it would get incinerated when it blasts.

With that being said, SpaceX chances to reach either Mars or the Moon are minimal as the quality of Elon Musk’s projects is not as high as it is supposed to be. However, that could change soon, as SpaceX’s future projects are promising.

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