NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Module Is Ready For Use

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NASA has been hard at work in recent months, with the Artemis initiative being the primary focus of the company since it was announced.
2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, an event which remains highly controversial even today, as some people contest it.

A return to the moon has been discussed for several years, and NASA will receive the funds required for such a feat. On the anniversary of the moon landing, the agency announced that the crew capsule which was designed for an upcoming mission had been completed and it is ready for use.

NASA’s Orion spacecraft was constructed by Lockheed Martin, a company which is best known for its military weapons and vehicles. Besides the manufacturing process, the company contributed to other key aspects, including the use of advanced 3D printing technology for the fabrication of some parts. The finished crew capsule was mounted on the top of the service capsule.

NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Module Is Ready For Use

The Orion spacecraft is considerably more ambitious in comparison to previous vehicles used by astronauts. It was built from the ground up to make it viable for deeps space missions, and it will play an essential role in future missions connected to Mars.

A significant external contribution comes in the form of the European Service Module, a critical component which provides power and propulsion. Airbus manufactured the service module and offered by the Europeanean Space Agency.

Engineers are already working on the logistics of connecting the two parts, as power and fluid lines are being installed. After the modules are connected, a special heat shield panel will be attached, to protect the spacecraft from potential damage. A test flight has been scheduled for September, and it will take place at the Plum Brook Station which is located in Sandusky, Ohio. During the tests, the engineers will test the capability of the module and its resistance against the severe conditions found in space.

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