Quantum Motion Milestone Reached By Scientists

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A team of scientists has managed to reach a new milestone for quantum motion by developing a new method which allows them to use an ion to perform exact quantum level motion in a range of 100 packets of energy, which is a considerable number in comparison to the previous record.

According to the laws of quantum mechanics, all energy can be stored in the form of tiny units known under the name if quanta. Atoms will release light energy by radiating photons or light quanta. In the case of the study, the team focused on capturing and directing phonons, or quanta of motion.

Another achievement comes from the fact that the team was able to control the motion of the ion (which is similar to that of a pendulum) and showcased two different types of a quantic motion. One of them is zero (also known as the minimum motion) while the other reached any number up to 18. The remarkable position of the two states is a great success in the world of quantum physics.

Quantum Motion Milestone Reached By Scientists

It is thought that the discoveries could be used with a variety of quantum mechanical oscillators, including basic versions which follow the movements of a pendulum. They could also pave the way for the construction of new quantum oscillators while the use of the quantum superposition can increase the accuracy of measurements and data processing.

Some tests have already shown that by using an ion in superposition as a measurement, the precision will increase by 100% in comparison to classic methods. The researchers performed a series of experiments which involved the use of a single beryllium ion shield which was placed at a distance of 40 micrometers from the electrodes of a complex electromagnetic trap which limited the influence of external factors like stray magnetic fields.

The results were quite spectacular, and it is likely that they will be quite useful in the future. A study was published in a scientific journal.

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