Breathtaking Video Shows A Metero Cutting The Canadian Sky

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Canadians could have watched quite a show in the skies yesterday according to tot he latest reports.

There was a fireball as bright as the full moon which recently streaked across the Canadian province of Ontario yesterday, July 24.

This possibly threw meteorites to Earth along the way, according to the latest reports coming from

Ten cameras recorded the flash of light 

It’s worth noting that the flash of light has been recorded by ten cameras deployed by Western University in London, Canada, and mounted across southern Ontario and Quebec.

It seems that the meteorites could have fallen in the Bancroft area (about 3.5 hours northeast of Toronto), but the footage was captured as far away as Montreal – this means about 260 miles (420 kilometers) east of Bancroft.

The beach ball-sized meteor was viable from the US as well as it was reported that some observers noted something in New York and Pennsylvania.

“We suspect meteorites made it to the ground because the fireball ended very low in the atmosphere, just to the west of Bancroft, and slowed down significantly,” Peter Brown, a Western professor stated as cited by

The material probably survived 

He continued and said, “This is a good indicator that material survived.”

It was also reported that the fireball showed up at first at 2L44 a.n. EDT over Lake Ontario at an altitude of 60 miles and it moved northeast. also noted that “The space rock pummeling through the atmosphere, also known as a meteoroid, was about 12 inches (30 centimeters) in diameter, according to the university.”

The fragments that hit the ground might have been tens or hundreds of grams in mass.

“Meteorites can be recognized by their dark, often scalloped exterior,” according to Western University.

“Usually they will be denser than a ‘normal’ rock and will often be attracted to a magnet due to their metal content.”

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