Ground Breaking Study Showed That Solar Cycles And Movements Cause Global Warming

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A team of international researchers from the Northumbria University, the University of Hull, the University of Bradford and the Nasir –al-Din al-Tusi Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory (which is located in Azerbaijan) have published a new paper which sparked rage among the scientific community.

The paper claims that the increase of the global temperature was influenced by solar cycles and the Sun’s movement across the barycenter, which is the center of mass in a solar system. What made other researchers angry is the argument that human activity cannot be tied to this process as the temperature will continue to rise by 3 degrees Celsius (or 37.4 Fahrenheit) in the next 600 years.

As expected, the arguments of the study were challenged by scientists from all over the world. A reputable researcher from the University of Edinburgh argues that the study is filled with basic mistakes. For example, a star will move around the barycenter of the solar system due to the influence of other objects which are present in the solar system. In the case of our solar system, Jupiter is the primary source of influence.

Solar cycles and movement cause global warming, a new study revealed

The phenomenon will take place, but it can’t be said that it changes the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Arguing that Earth will become warmer in the following centuries because the Sun will come closer to Earth is wrong. According to some researchers, the study should be removed.

The lead author of the study has contested the criticism during an interview with a scientific publication. She mentioned that there are visible links between the oscillations of the primary magnetic fields, solar radiance, and temperature increase, while the paper doesn’t explore the role or influence of the solar inertial movement.

According to a reliable source, Ms. Valentina Zharkova held a presentation on climate change in front of the Global Warming Policy Forum, a well-known think tank and lobby group which may have funded the research.

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